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The latest Travel Colours City Guide takes you to a cross-cultural Caucasian metropolis through romantic yards to one of the emerging fashion heartlands. Feel the city’s spirit of departure from the old, and experience its fierce subconscious drive to embrace new trends and lifestyle.


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The team behind this edition
Stefanie Friese
Stefanie Friese
Founder & Editor in Chief
Levan Berulava
Levan Berulava
Trend Scout, Tbilisi
Ana Svanidze
Ana Svanidze
Trend Scout, Tbilisi
Hanni Heinrich
Hanni Heinrich

It is hard to capture the spirit of a multicultural city characterised by many architectural styles in just one city guide. The Georgian capital Tbilisi  is also known as the “The Asian Paris” or  “The next Berlin” — and so it offers an unknowingly large variety of experiences, especially when it comes to fashion, arts and culture. The Georgian capital is known and regarded as one of the world’s emerging fashion and design heartlands. 

Therefore, this eminent City Guide of Tbilisi offers a curated selection of 60 spots of a special kind that reflect our values in both an unmistakable feeling for livability and an affinity for cross-cultural style. These special spots have all been scouted by Levan Berulava, Managing Director of Adjara Group, and Ana Svanidze, Head of Digital Experience at Adjara Group. Both capture their love for their home, Tbilisi, and showcase a unique yet unprecedented perspective of Georgian modern life, whether budget or luxury, action or art, cultural or culinary. This city guide offers unique views on Tbilisis’ renowned GalleryArtBeat, highly celebrated store MORE is LOVE and famous Stamba and Rooms Hotel. With a focus on high-quality and a great affection for Tbilisi, this guide highlights less well-known areas of the city and simultaneously vibrant neighbourhoods overflowing with new and multifunctional design concepts.

On 220 pages, this City Guide contains:

  • a curated selection of the best places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”, all of which have been personally tried and tested
  • an extensive special about personally selected art galleries in Tbilisi, as well as an extra special about the mountain region Kazbegi
  • a full list of 60 trendy places
  • more than 130 beautiful photographs

All pictures, texts and research by Travel Colours.

Travel Colours has managed to encapsulate the essence of fine living in this wonderland of food, drink and boutiques. Easy to carry with you and incredibly stylish, it ushers you through a personalized journey of Cape Towns most exclusive and relevant lifestyle players.

David Schneider

Chefs Warehouse at Maison, Franschhoek

When i first encountered the TC guidebooks, I instantly knew that Tbilisi was missing just this: an eco-friendly and tasteful guide celebrating the beauty of simplicity that gives both locals and travellers an opportunity to explore the city in colourful new ways.

Ana Svanidze

Head of Digital Marketing

Everyone trying to plan a vacation knows how much time can be spent while trying to find the perfect spots. This City Guide has done all the work for you, handpicking places for those who share a dedication and eye for design.

Paulina Cervantes


As a frequent traveller myself, I appreciate the curated selection of places and design inspirations in the coolest cities around the world that fill the pages of City Guides for Design Lovers. They allow you a different glimpse of the city, and access to the new in-spots before they become trendy and crowded.

Dominic Hofer

House Relationship Director - Europe, Soho House

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