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Palma de Mallorca


An explosion of new trendy places during the last years changed the so-called ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’ considerably and makes it more beautiful today than ever. Yet, despite the modernity, the Mediterranean flair can still be felt in every corner. This Palma Guide will show you a curated selection of our favorite places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”.


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The team behind this edition
Stefanie Friese
Stefanie Friese
Founder & Editor in Chief
Hanni Heinrich
Hanni Heinrich

This Palma Guide will show you a curated selection of our favorite places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”. From cozy coffeeshops, where young, trendy people sip their lattes, local Tapas Bars and internationally acclaimed gourmet restaurants, to some of the most beautiful Finca retreats, this guide will lead you away from the tourist hubs to some of Palma’s hidden local gems.

On 220 pages, this City Guide contains:

  • a curated selection of the best places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”, all of which have been personally tried and tested.
  • an extensive special about personally selected hotels and holiday houses with style and charm on the whole island
  • a full list of 56 trendy places
  • more than 140 beautiful photographs

All pictures, texts and research has been done by Travel Colours.

Everyone trying to plan a vacation knows how much time can be spent while trying to find the perfect spots. This City Guide has done all the work for you, handpicking places for those who share a dedication and eye for design.

Paulina Cervantes


As a frequent traveller myself, I appreciate the curated selection of places and design inspirations in the coolest cities around the world that fill the pages of City Guides for Design Lovers. They allow you a different glimpse of the city, and access to the new in-spots before they become trendy and crowded.

Dominic Hofer

House Relationship Director - Europe, Soho House

Intrepid urban traveller Stefanie Friese has curated extraordinary hand books of bucket list cities for those seeking truly authentic experiences with a design and fine craft edge.

Ian Manley

Director at Manley Communications

Stefanie did a great and deep search about the best local tips in Palma. A careful selection of the last trend sites compiled and presented in a great looking format. I’m very proud that NAKAR Hotel has been selected in this guide.

Miguel Barceló

NAKAR Hotel, Mallorca