OUR TEAM of design-lovers

Stefanie Friese

Founder & Editor in Chief

It has to be nice and a bit different. The desire for lifestyle & design is always guaranteed. As the founder of Travel Colours, Stefanie is always in search of the most beautiful places.

Silvan Vesenbeckh

Concept & Development

To fully absorb the culture and spirit of a city, Silvan loves to hold personal conversations with locals in vibrant places. His love for design & Espresso leads him to remarkable places.



As a writer, Hanni is inspired by people, human behaviour & beaches. Born in Merseburg, she spends her time between Germany & Cape Town, South Africa.

Claire Gunn


As a former chef, Claire loves to show what’s happening behind  to create the magic on the plates. Today, you can find her shooting the theatre in Cape Town’s most exciting kitchens.

Caitlin Collins


Texan expat Caitlin finds the German winters bitterly cold, yet she always has that sparkle that becharms everyone in close vicinity to her.

Lena Heckl


As a photographer Lena has an eye for detail and all things different. Her easygoing energy liberates everyone in a creative and refreshing way.

Alba Giné


Alba Giné is a lifestyle photographer. She practices gratitude by noticing the real quality of life, and appreciates the smallest amount of pleasure.

meet OUR Location Scouts

Louisa Beyer

Location Scout - Cologne

On her IG account @somegoodspirits, Lou shares her passion for aesthetic design as well as the latest fashion and beauty trends. Born and grew up in Cologne, she shows the latest trends from her hometown.

Judith Mosqueira do Amaral

Location Scout - Cologne

Judith has an affinity for timeless, minimalist and classic designs that rarely go out of fashion. On her account @lifetimepieces she shares the latest interior trends and her favourite design classics. 

Levan Berulava

Location Scout - Tbilisi

Being involved in the concept and development, Levan is one of the key figures behind the success of the Adjara Group’s projects, which have placed Georgia on the world map.


Location Scout - Tbilisi

Ana is a restless explorer and loves to seek out local experiences on her doorstep. As an entrepreneur & digital storyteller, she is responsible for the digital marketing of the Adjara Group.


Location Scout - Stockholm

Lena loves beautiful objects and has a passion for interior design. She easily traces new trends and shares an endless curiosity for humanity, ethically-sourced food and products.

Nikki Wang

Location Scout - Paris

The French art de vivre is what inspired Beijingborn Nikki to come to Paris. Together with Frederic, they founded TheWaysBeyond, a concept store of cultural activities.


Location Scout - Milan

Lively, and always styled to perfection, Bianca is a true Milanese. Besides being a trend scout, she travels the world to hunt for interior artisanal items for her E-commerce business.


Location Scout - Paris

Frederic worked for several cultural institutions before he moved to Paris and met Nikki. Together, they share an endless curiosity for culture, food and all the important things in life.